Online Personal Training
Next Level Results.  Accelerated.  For Life.
Let's cut the BS.  You want results. Period.
And you want to enjoy your journey, right?   
You want the whole process to fit you, your lifestyle and your goals.
Then it's time to take a different approach.
This is your chance.
Energy, Enjoyment, Empowerment.
Accelerated Results for Life.
Finding reputable trainers, that get results, is a challenge for the best of us.  Even as managers trying to find great employees, we found it a struggle.  And we know what we're looking for!  So for you, as the client, to find a good trainer isn't as easy as it should be.

There is a ton of bullshit out there.  Finding a good, let alone great, trainer online is a challenge.  
That's why we created our program.
Giving you the confidence to make a change.  If you're ready and willing, we'll meet you there.
Online Personal Training
Next Level Results.
For Life.
We have a combined time training clients of over two decades. I can literally geek out together for hours on the techniques, hacks and tools we find that work.  In fact we've got addicted to trying to figure out the difference between clients.  

Why some would be motivated and see results, and some would quit the minute they came across an obstacle. And why some would get life long restuls whilst other would yo-yo.

We needed our clients to see life long results. Accelerated.

Now you may know us a little now. And know that we're about creating sustainable, fun and energising change. From the inside out.

And get completely obsessed with figuring out a solution to a problem when it crops up.

And getting actual results that lasted.

Begin using our sciences, systems and tools that are tailored to you.  And proven to deliver results every time.
Accountability.  Focus.  Power.
Are you ready to finally see results
And create habits of a lifetime?
Have a quick peek at this video to learn more about our process and how out tools work for you. To get you the results you've always dreamed of.
So, how does this work?
1.  Watch this video showing the difference between our two level options
2. Pick your level of support
3. Apply for your place so that we can make sure you have the best experience
Meet Your Team
This is totally for you if...
  •  You are ready for change 
  •  You are willing to make some adaptations in your life to get fit for life 
  •  You’ve been training a while and not getting results 
  •  Despite your best efforts you still don’t feel confident in your body 
  •  You’re looking to get some new structured ideas and methodologies for your training and nutrition 
  •  You need coffee to get you through your days 
  •  Sleep isn’t great and you just feel out of sync
  •  Bloating, digestive discomfort and gas plague you 
  •  You want to be able to enjoy your life without being too restrictive with diet and exercise 
  •  You're bored with feeling guilty for travelling/socialising and falling 'off track'
What you get...
Periodised Programming
Programs that are periodised and tested for accelerated results. Proven to work for any goal.
App-Driven Tracking
Giving you the opportunity to track your nutrition, exercise and habits.
Private Members Only Lounge
Keep in touch with your tribe. Gain support when you need it most. Safe and secure.
Foam Rolling/Warm Up Guides
Remain pain and injury free with your easy to follow warm up and cool down routine.
Over 1000 Exercise Videos
Giving you the opportunity to refine your technique and gain clarity.
Getting Started Guide & Journal
Making your program accessible and easy. Creating mindset shifts.
Direct Coach Contact
Boosted accountability and support to overcome your unique obstacles.
Recipe & Meal Guides
Simple and cheap recipes to follow so that you can get your quickest results.
How about a coach who's there whenever you need?
 Change your mindset,

Get supportive coaching and finally see results!!

(And stop wasting your time doing things that simply don't work.)

Got Questions??
  • Are you able to help me? If you have wifi and a desire to change that's a yes. We're about making results as fast and easy as possible. Get the results you deserve with continuing support.
  •  What makes you qualified? Simply put we've been in this industry for over 2 decades. We've also had a personal journeys - with my weight, relationship with food, fitness and body confidence. If you're looking for someone with the whole package and the skills to pass the tools on. You're in the right place.
  •  How long till I see results? I'm not going to BS you here or lie. The results you get back with be dependant upon the work you put in. You will be my top priority. If you put in your 100% we'll meet you there. Together we will make it happen.
  •  How the hell do you do all this online? Well you've seen a video - if not, it's right here again for you. Know that once you're in our program you are our top priority.
I've been training with Cam for almost 3 years now (if not more!). I haven't even changed gym! All due to the fact that aside from being a great trainer you always helped me reach my goals with comfort without any pressure or stress. You're always there to listen to my complaints or confusing questions about workouts! You even helped me reach my goal for my wedding day! I dropped almost 10kg! You always motivate me to work harder and explain the workouts in a way that helps even a first timer understand what muscles are meant to move or what you're meant to feel while doing a certain workout. Not all trainers are as committed and that's what I love about Cam, she puts her heart into it! Thank you for always making me sore after workouts and for your patience, kindness, humour, motivation and friendship! Thank you for changing my life for the better!
~ Dalal AG
Tom is a legend! From the first day of starting this challenge, he has been the perfect guide, teaching me how to monitor my food intake and putting in place a program that brought both weight loss results and visibly progressive increases in strength. In the little less than 3 months we've been working together, I've gone down 2 pants sizes and have to look at getting a new wardrobe, which is great. More importantly, he helped me reach my goal, which was a shift in living, as I wanted to have a healthy way forward, starting at 6:30 in the morning! His support helped me get out of bed, push myself physically like I haven't before, and arrive at work energised, feeling good about the simple achievements made every session. I look forward to continuing with Tom because I don't really see the challenge as ending". Fantastic story from Khaled. We love to hear the changes in lifestyle and overall wellbeing as well as physical changes in our participants throughout the challenge so far.
~ Khaled R
When the date was set for my big day there was only one option for me to shape up and have the confidnce to wear a dress; that option was Camilla. Training with Cam not only meant that I lost four dress sizes, she helped me retrain my though processes and I ended up seeing exercise not as a chore but as something that was fun and rewarding for my body and mind which meant that I wasn't stressed at all on the run up to the wedding. As my dress size shrunk, my confidnce grew. Cam has an infectious enthusiasm for life and her client's goals and I've never connected with a trainer like I did with Cam. She was firm with me yet also fun! I learnt something new with every session, it could have been a new exercise, nutritional fact or how far I could push myself. Cam became little Miss Sunshine to me, she bought light into what I thought would be a daunting quest to shape up.
~ Becky H
We're cheering for ya!!
Book a 100% free consultation call and let's chat about your unique obstacles, where you want to take your health and fitness and how you believe I can help you get there!!
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