Healthy Happy You Project
Giving up on diets isn't giving up on yourself.
Learning lifelong skills to love the body you're in is the antithesis
I get it, you're pissed...
  •  You’re sick and tired of all these quick fixed and weight-loss promises out there and you’ve already noticed that the things that used to work simply don’t anymore.
  • You’re busy – work and life and maybe even kids are taking all your time, energy and you just feel zapped of motivation by the end of the day.  
  •  The feeling that you’re drive is ebbing away from you more and more each day and you’re just frustrated and have thought about just giving up.
  •  The confidence you have in your body and the way you feel about it doesn’t align with how you want to live your life – and more than anything you just want to be able to socialize and travel without worrying about the guilt after.  
  •  You know you should be able to enjoy your life but something is just holding you back and you’re left comparing yourself to your insta feed.
  •  You feel totally done with putting everyone else’s needs above your own and really just want to take ownership back of your life and get back on track.  
  •  You wish you had more time to make delicious new recipes and try new workouts but you’re uncertain and don’t feel like you can.  
  •  Are you stuck in trying to be perfect and it leaves you angry, feeling less than yourself and full of shame.  
  •  You’re sick of not feeling worthy or quite good enough.  
Hiya! I'm Cam
Nice to e-meet you!
And, I'm 100% here to let you know that it doesn't have to be that way.  I know because that used to be me.  I’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years, and have I been happy with my body for that amount of time? Not a chance in hell.

The amount of times I’ve yo-yo’d I can’t even count. It’s insane to me now that someone who feels so freaking comfortable in her body could ever have done literally EVERY SINGLE DIET OUT THERE and felt so utterly full of shame.  I've been as heavy as 90kg and as light as 45kg and everywhere in-between.

Challenges change you and I was lucky enough to find a way out of my deep hole of darkness – where laid bulimia, restrictive diets, limiting patterns and belief’s that I was never good enough. 
Let me tell you this...
you are good enough....
You can change and you can live the life you dream of every night. As someone who has been over 90kg and as low as 45kg, let me tell you, it’s NOT about starving yourself or exercising for 3 hours a day or even never taking a day off. 

It is 100% the opposite sweet.

This stuff works – I’ve helped thousands of people like you and it doesn’t involve crazy diet plans, insane workouts and hating every minute of it. And that's why I'm bringing you the Healthy Happy You Project.
So, this is what the Healthy Happy You Project involves...
  • Providing you with the tools and mindset that you need to lose weight and most of all maintain it with sustainable lifestyle change
  • Allow you to be your authentic self and grow your inner confidence, strength and ultimately be your own inspiration
  • Give you the knowledge and deep understanding of how your body type and personality affect you – and then even better, how to leverage that for your awesomeness
  •  Unlock your courage and power to prioritize yourself and really commit to self care and YOU
  •  Help you establish a crystal clear bigger picture version of you, your body image and your life
  •  Invite you to really get the space and time you need to be your best.
  •  Initiate the kind of change that you’ve dreamed of – reminding you why you set out on the path of health and wellness in the first place!! Joy! Freedom! Flexibility! Empowerment! Thriving! Accomplishment!
The proof is in the package...
This is what YOU can look forward to...
Love the body you're in
Leatn lifelong health and wellness
This is totally your jam if...
  • You’ve got important events like a wedding or travel coming up that you just want to feel your best in – look good but also own it!
  • You’re preparing your body to be in it’s best shape ever before and after children – cos after all if you’re not looking after you, you can’t care for others right?!
  • You feel a bit stuck between what you’re dreaming of and how to actually get there.
  • Those tricks, diets and workouts that used to work in super quick time just don’t kick it anymore – you don’t feel satisfied by them like you used to.
  • You love to travel and go out with friends but there is always guilt in the back of your mind.
  • You want to improve your performance, strength and basically be more awesome when you’re out and about doing your thang. 
  • You want to inspire those around you to be more vibrant and healthy rather than constantly comparing yourself to your insta/FB feed. 
  • You’re frustrated with the amount of time you have for yourself nowadays – after work, relationships and looking after the kids there’s not much left…. And if you do find some you’re so exhausted you can’t peel yourself off the couch. 
  • You wake up feeling more fatigued than when you went to bed and it takes a big cup of coffee to get going… like every day. But you know it shouldn’t be like this. 
  • You just want to feel better in yourself and do yourself justice
  • You wanna rock your clothes, sex appeal and basically feel like wonder woman
  • You know you’re enough, worthy and you can be your best; you’re just looking for that something that you know will change your life. 
Gain support, tools and knowledge to live your best life
Love the body you're in
Each week you will be guided through the science, system and easily accessible tools that will allow you to own your journey.

The weekly layout will provide you with one focus point for each pillar; mindfulness, eating and movement. 

The tools are driven by PTA Global, IOM’s 4q, mBIT life coaching, Motivational Interviewing, NASM, Jenny Burrell’s Optimum Nutrition for Post Natal Recovery (if that’s where you are) and decades of experience. By the end of the course you will be loaded with the experience, know-how and inspiration to continue your journey and how to apply what you have learnt to your life, for life.
So, because I know you want to know...
This is exactly what you'll get
  • Emails 5 days per week with optional ability to be in contact and ask any questions to your coach
  • Weekly nutrition and movement topic education through email and video
  • Community private Facebook group
  • Accountability from your coach and Fuss Free Foodie expert
  • Weekly recipes supporting the nutritional education
  • Weekly cookery foundational skills videos
  • Discounted 1:1 coaching/programs
  • PDF worksheets for mindfulness and journal prompts
  • PDF exercise program specifically designed for the equipment you have available and your exercise personality
  • Written and video explanations of all exercises/workouts
  • Chance to change on the inside and out
  • Empowerment to know what really works for you, your body and your lifestyle
Final Question Time....
Are YOU ready and willing to change right now?
(push the button then - you've got nothing to lose)
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